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Mishigi: Love and War (Demo)

Available on Itch Now!

Play as our heroine Princess Violet, in this fantasy-filled adventure, as she builds her army to take back her throne from the notorious Demon-King, Lord Rakakurah. With a choice of 8 (insanely hot!) romancable characters and many outcomes, Mishigi: Love and War will keep you entertained for hours on end! All otome-fans will love this dating sim with its colourful art-style, likeable love interests and enticing storylines!

If you make the best choices, you'll be rewarded with scenes of stunning artwork AND voiceover!


Meet the Cast

Danny Spiller
Sky Gager
Kieran Jones
Loganne Digma
Riley Maness
Shakyra Dunn
Patrick Mealey
JB Coleman
Ariana Rosario
Kennagh Leann
Josh Portillo
Kelsey Jaffer
Joshua McDiarmid
Kyle Trimble
Natasha Maree

Love Interests Bio's

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